An Imperfect Circle 2 for clarinet, prepared piano, violin and cello
Performed by Ensemble Impronta
Zenehaz Concerto, Budapest, 2019


Duo Pia Podgornik, Lucio Tasca live @ EAR, Amsterdam 2019


Solo live @ EAR, Amsterdam 13/06/19

Extract from ‘Breath II’ by Federico Pozzer (2017), played by Lucio Tasca (guitar) and Federico Pozzer (piano). ‘Breath II’ is structured around the breathing patterns of the performers, who only play when they exhale. The piece lasts 35 minutes, and is one of three compositions by Federico Pozzer on the CD ‘Breaths’.

Franscesco Dillon performing Two Forms of Temporality



Sfz in C is a composition by Federico Pozzer, based on change of perspective, in which the same music material is experienced through two distinct time regulators: metronome and breath. The transition from metronome to breathing should here be understood as a shift from an objective and absolute timekeeping device to a variable and subjective regulator.

Lucio Tasca: el. guitar Federico Pozzer: piano Performed in Leeds (May 24, 2017)